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About Yiwu Jewelry

1. Yiwu International Commodity Market is opened all year round except Chinese new year holidays, this will  affect production in many factories, we can advice how best to avoid any delays .
  2. The buyers can find almost any kind of products in Yiwu, the commodity market is used by international  distributors, dollar stores, supermarkets, trading companies, retail outlets, and is known throughout the world for it huge range of jewelry ,wholesale prices that cant be beaten any where.
 3. Most of the outlets are original factory price, so it is very competitive.
4. The buyer when using our service can combine purchases from more than 100 different suppliers in one container, we can arrange payment after the inspection of goods and load the container, we are your best Yiwu agent.
 5. Buyers can use their own packing and labeling designs, we can assist in this process and work with factories to ensure it is done to your specifications.
 6. Customer are surprised by the speed of the newest, latest designs available in Yiwu and is one of the main reason why the buyers choose to come to Yiwu.
 7.Thousands of factories are based here so it is convenient to visit many suppliers in a very short time.
   8. Purchasing to manufacturing to shipping can  realistically be achieved within 2 – 3 weeks. Small sized companies only buying stock can see shipments being sent within a couple of days, we act as your yiwu agent for the fastest speed, we know how important this is.
 9. Yiwu has more than 500 hotels and 100 foreign food restaurants, as your agent we can access discounted hotel rates while you stay in Yiwu and recommend the best restaurants to eat in.
  10. Logistics, Yiwu is served with a very modern road and rail network and is close to the world famous ports of Ningbo and Shanghai. Yiwu airport is linked to most main cities in China.

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