Yiwu creates the national import daily consumer products entrepot

Yiwu makes 44.43 billion yuan of export in the first quarter, increasing 84% over levels of a year ago, but the import is only 330 million yuan, decreasing 51.9% over levels of a year ago. So far, Yiwu has introduced quite a few measures to improve the balanced development of import and export, creating the important national import daily consumer products entrepot with great effort.

It’s known from Yiwu Business Bureau that the government of Yiwu will introduce “Several opinions of fastening the development of import and export” recently, setting about from aspects of platform construction, channel widening, finance insurance, trade convenience and so on, customizing many supporting policies to expanding the market.

In finance insurance, encourage the finance departments to improve the supporting force to the credit of foreign trade enterprises, supporting the financing of business banks, exploring and setting up credit risk compensation fund, support the financing of enterprises engaged in import. Give 100% of the guarantee fee as subsidy to the import enterprises which get loan from finance organizations through guarantee companies, the subsidy of the guarantee fee can’t exceed 50% of the benchmark interest rate of the bank loan.

In trade convenience, make customs clearance, inspection and quarantine, import tax collection convenient, promote the integrated clearance mode of Yangtze River economic belt, optimize the approval and clearance process, relieve the fund pressure of the import enterprises.

It’s known that the goal of Yiwu developing import trade is: the sum of import reaches 10 billion yuan at the end of the year; the sum of import reaches 40 billion yuan in 2017;  the sum of import reaches 100 billion yuan in 2020, making Yiwu the bridgehead of global daily consumer products entering China, and the important entrepot of national import daily consumer products, important base of national cross-border e-commerce.

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