Yiwu Cross-border Electronic Commerce Enabled


Cross-border e-commerce enterprises have more convenient channels and international trade facilitation reaccelerated


Recently, as Tian Deming, deputy commissioner of Hangzhou Customs, Li Fangping, vice general manager of Zhejiang EMS, and Li Yifei, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committeejointly pushed the crystal ball symbolizing the officially use of Yiwu cross-border e-commerce supervision center, the first batch of cargoes including accessories and handworks were successfully cleared of customs from the supervision center, and shipped to USA, Russia and other countries and regions, which marked that the cross-border e-commerce supervision mode was implemented in Yiwu, and international trade facilitation was reaccelerated. 


Yiwu cross-border e-commerce supervision center is the important breakthrough to promote transformed development of cross-border e-commerce of Yiwu, under the enormous support of Hangzhou customs and Zhejiang EMS, the project only takes 3 months from commencement of construction to official use. The entire supervision center covers an area of 13000 m2, and the operation field covers 5000 m2. The supervision center sets up mail operation handling section, inspection area for customs supervision and stocking area. The daily handling volume of mails reaches 100 thousand pieces. So far, Panduo Technology, Hangzhou Quanmai, EOZY and several cross-border e-commerce enterprises have settled in and conducted business

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